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iShoutnow Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
#11, 3rd Floor, Jai Shreenath Krupa Building, Opp. Dattani Trade Center, Chandavarkar Road, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400092

Website user interface and experience solutions
Ingenevo 10 Apr 2019
The Client

The right hub for financial and accounting solutions. Cross border transactions, liaison office set up, regulatory services, business management services, they provide a range of quality services. A home to skilled professionals who complete tasks efficiently and always ensure client satisfaction.

  • Objectives and Base Expectation

    1. To create an appealing virtual home that retains visitors reaching the website and enables them to reach the client easily.

  • Challenges

    1. Use of multiple languages HTML, CSS, PHP and CodeIgniter framework.

    2. Understanding the client services.

    3. Writing content and arranging data to make it comprehensible for the client and website visitors.

  • Planning and Methodology

    1. Keeping the client brief in mind, our website development company documented the entire project. It included the process and flow of the project.

    2. The look, feel and vibe of the entire project was designed to have a clear and positive User Interface and User experience.

    3. The design was developed technically and the necessary functions were implemented.

    4. It began with the development of the website and went onto making the e-mail set up that helped visitors reach the client easily.

    5. The e-mail set up was tested to make sure there were no errors in its working.

    6. The entire output was thoroughly monitored and testing was conducted multiple times.

  • Key Takeaways

    1. Our website development company believed that the product created was convenient and capable of retaining visitors on the client's website.

    2. Visitors can now easily get in touch with the client, which is a win-win for the client and its website visitors.