Office Address

iShoutnow Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
#11, 3rd Floor, Jai Shreenath Krupa Building, Opp. Dattani Trade Center, Chandavarkar Road, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400092

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Ingenevo 16 Apr 2019
The Client

The courier services that deliver across borders within the stipulated time period. They ensure quality and focus on three main aspects, timely delivery, consignment protection and live tracking updates.

  • Objectives and Base Expectation

    1. To create a website for consignors/consignees to understand the client and track their consignment.

    2. To create a feasible mechanism (Dashboard) for the client to track all its orders and provide enhanced services to customers.

  • Challenges

    1. Understanding the working of the previous methods used by the client and adopting the process rightfully to the new mechanism.

    2. Helping the client acquaint itself with the new mechanism (Dashboard).

    3. Decrypting client data to incorporate it technologically in the new system.

    4. Restricting the usage of certain features (in the dashboard) to limited users.

  • Planning and Methodology

    1. Keeping the client brief in mind, our software development company documented the entire project. It included the process and flow of the project.

    2. The look, feel and vibe of the entire project was designed to have a clear and positive User Interface and User experience.

    3. The design was developed technically and the necessary functions were implemented.

    4. All the client data was arranged and certain functionalities were tweaked to be used only by a limited user base.

    5. The website and dashboard was thoroughly monitored and testing was conducted multiple times.

  • Key Takeaways

    1. The team believed that the product created was convenient and simplified complex working methods by creating a centralized mechanism for all employees.

    2. Consignors/consignees can visit the client’s website and track their consignment. Consigners can also send their consignments immediately by just requesting a pick up at the client's website.