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A business without an app? Save yourself!
Ingenevo 31 May 2019

To be on the top of a game, one has to walk along with time. The web 10 years ago and the web today differ from each other because of various reasons. The change in demands and trends has impacted the way people consume data. So what does 2019 ask for?

The trends are listed here. Go on and have a read. A new trend is a new opportunity and a smart developer would never want to miss any of it.

  • Progressive Web Applications:

    Users spend most of their time on their mobile phones as compared to desktops. Taking this further, mobile applications dominate the market as compared to websites. It is quite evident that people do not latch onto websites because of their poor performance. So what is the better option that people opt for? It is Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). In a nutshell, a PWA is a web page that appears like a mobile application. It exhibits the features of an application rather than a website. PWAs have a full-screen appearance, the URL of the site is not visible. Publishers can also provide push notifications to users. The ideal combination of website development services must have PWAs as a part of it.

  • Single Page Applications:

    In a fast-paced world, users do not have enough time to explore multi page sites. A one page site is brief and hassle free. If one decides to make a website without a blog section, a single page site can do the task. Everything is present on one page. It contains all the details users require to reach you.

  • Motion UI:

    For a product to be engaging and attractive, every developer has one go to solution- Motion UI. When one looks for website development services in Mumbai, always choose the one that offers Motion UI. This library has different animations that lets developers play with many elements and bring out the best.

  • Chatbots:

    For instant client support many websites have started having a chatbot on the site. This trend began in 2016 and is going strong even today. Chatbots powered with AI have proved to be of great help. They engage with customers for a while, answer FAQs and also connect the customer with the right human assistant they need. The future of chatbots is bright, it is a prominent website development service brands require.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages:

    This technology is created to encourage websites that load quickly and work smoothly on mobile devices. There is a world of a difference between AMPs and normal web pages. An AMP will load in 2 seconds while a non-AMP will take over 20 seconds to load. Google always ensures a smooth mobile browsing experience. And since Google loves speedy websites, AMPs can increase a website's visibility and contribute to better positions in SERPs.

If you plan to update your website in 2019, do make sure you choose from the above trends and do what works best for you.

Also if you are looking for assistance, feel free to reach ingenevo. We have all the latest website development services one requires!