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A business without an app? Save yourself!
Ingenevo 24 Jul 2019

Web development and mobile app development are poles apart. The differentiator isn’t just technology change but also the skills required to develop. This article dictates the essentials i.e. factors one has to consider for mobile app development services. These should be kept in mind before one begins the development process. Neglecting them might cost you a ton. So go on and have a read.

  • Multiple platforms and devices

    Laptops and desktops are windows or macintosh based, while smart phones have four platforms- Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Mobiles also have different screen sizes and features. Hence when developing an application one has to contemplate about the technology used, which platform to build for first, the functions a mobile can support and also the future plan (When new functions will be deployed). In comparison to traditional PCs, mobiles have multiple factors to be considered. Mobile app development services are indeed challenging!

  • Screen variations

    A desktop has a standard size and is quite larger as compared to a mobile device. Designing for a screen that fits your pocket is comparatively difficult. The navigation has to be revamped to make it apt for a mobile. While a desktop application may have buttons and links on all sides, one must be careful about what all can be placed on a mobile screen. One has to reduce the options and just present the minimum.

  • Modes of interaction

    One uses a mouse and keyboard to enter data in a laptop. That is certainly not the case for a mobile. A user has to touch the screen. The input methods have variations single tap, swipe right, swipe up, hold, double tap etc. All these actions have to be captured by the mobile. Also, since the mobile screen is small, one has to make sure the bars and tabs are wide enough to help the user comfortably make a move.

  • Integration with mobile features

    While designing for the web can be simpler there are other functions on a mobile that desktops can’t offer. Being able to place a call directly from an app, sending a text message via. an app etc are some advanced functions only available on a smart phone. Some applications even quickly trace a user’s location and provide them a list of search results. Integrating an application with smart phone features is the way to empower it. Mobile provides a lot of advancements and that is why mobile app development services are the most preferred.

Limited battery life and memory: Mobile devices have limited storage capacity and battery life. Developers have to keep this in mind and ensure that their mobile app development services are in compliance with set features and limitations. Developers have to design and code for optimal use of battery and space. The constraints are many and one has to be careful.

While there are perks for developing applications for a mobile, the complexities are double. Diligence and technique helps any developer apply their mind for the success of a task. So keep the code right and do not neglect any of the points mentioned above!